What are crappie attracted to?

You can fish for crappies during the day or night with great success, which is another reason why they are a popular species. However, when fishing for them at night it’s interesting to note that this species is highly attracted to light.

The best way to fish for them would be under the lights found on piers or take out lanterns and allow the light to shine in the water. It draws the crappie to your location. The reason for this is because the light draws in the baitfish and this attracts the crappie.

Basic Fishing Tips

Night time may be one of the best times to go fishing but it’s also the most dangerous time to be on the water. Since your vision is greatly limited, it’s recommended to not go out on waters that you’re not familiar with at night. You should also have a partner that can help you keep a watchful eye out for trouble. Make sure your boat is up to code with all the lights working correctly. Take along a first aid kit, extra batteries for the flashlight, a form of communication and safety gear.

Anytime you go fishing for crappies take along a tackle box with a variety of baits. This species can be an aggressive fish that will strike at anything you throw at them and they can be finicky where nothing seems to satisfy them, depending on their mood. By having a well-stocked tackle box, you’ll be ready no matter what type of mood the crappie happen to be in.

Crappies are easy to spook so you do have to be careful when fishing for them. This has a lot to do with their great eyesight. If you leave the hook sticking too far out of the bait or use line that is too thick, they may see it and not accept your offering. In clear cool water they can see even better and if you get too close, they may be able to see you. This will certainly send them swimming in the opposite direction. Keep this in mind the next time you’re fishing for crappies and make sure you’re careful not to spook them.

This species will be closer to shore in the early morning and late evening. If you’re fishing during the day, they will move out to the deeper parts of the water. They like to hang out around all types of structures such as logs, brush, piers, weeds and so forth.

Since they are a small species, use a lightweight rod and reel set-up and have a great time reeling in those crappies.

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