What baits should I use for fishing Lake Erie yellow perch?

What baits should I use for fishing Lake Erie for Yellow Perch

Bait and location are considerations when fishing yellow perch on Lake Erie. Shiners work and some anglers will tell you that a hook and a shiner is the only thing that you need, while some will tell you to add a little color such as green or blue. Some anglers use a night crawler and have excellent catches all day long. It is easy to catch your limit if you use a night crawler or a shiner when you find the perch schools. Try to catch the shiners from the water you are fishing instead of bringing shiners from somewhere else. The bait such as a shiner should come from the same water you are fishing. It is thought that the fish notices the different smell of baitfish from other waters and will not bike. This can be true or false depending on you think. I for one do not use baitfish from other waters in any water but where they were caught. You should always stay away from possible contamination of one water from another with baitfish. If you are fishing Lake Erie, use a shiner and a jig. You will want to drift or troll if you have not found the schools. A map of the water and underwater structures will help you greatly. Since the lake is so large, you need to know where the fish could be and start there. A fish locator also helps on the lake because it is so large. Try near rock structures and some weed beds.

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