What You Need to Know About Custom Crappie Jigs

The horse-head jig is designed with the nose bent down which gives off the impression of a horse’s head. This design also gives them a wigging action that attracts the crappies attention. These are good when fishing in deep water because they are slightly heavier than some of the others.

The standard jigs are the ones with the plastic bodies shaped like minnows or similar baitfish. They have a bullet head and a plastic curly tail. You can change lures simply by changing the body on these and you never have to take them off the hook. There are also jigs made where the jig-head fits inside the body of the jig to make them appear more realistic. This one can also be fished anytime and anywhere so it’s a very popular jig.
Choose the Right Size and Color

When fishing for crappie, size matters because this is a small species. It’s a good idea to stay somewhere around an inch to two inches in size when having your jigs custom made. If you go any bigger the crappie will most likely ignore your offering and go for something that is a little more their size.

As you probably already know crappies can see very well. For this reason, you need to make sure you have a variety of colors. There may be one color that seems to work for you most every time you go fishing but this species can get picky. You never really know what to expect until you get out on the water. By having a good selection with you at all times you can turn most any fishing trip into a successful one.

The information found here should help you know what qualities make up a great crappie jig so you can make good decisions when trying to decide exactly what you want. Custom jigs can give you an edge in certain types of water. If you know the different things that entice the crappie in your area to strike you can combine these qualities into a custom crappie jig. This may give you something the crappie just can’t refuse under any circumstances.

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