Where are the best spots and what are the best strategies for catching crappie in Nebraska?

Where are the best spots, and what are best strategies for catching crappie in Nebraska?

One angler will tell you that the best way to catch crappies is with a jig with yellow and white as the preferred color. The best test line is 10 pound on an open-faced reel. There have been some nice sized fish caught this way. Others will tell you to use other equipment and bait, but if you are going fishing on Zorinsky or Wehrspann Lakes, this is what you want to use. The preferred method with this equipment is a slow troll or a drift. Some other area lakes are Burchard, Branched Oak, Pawnee and Czechland Lakes. Nebraska is not high on the places to fish for crappies, but these lakes are some prime hunting grounds for crappies. There are some good ones in the northwest and a few good ones in the south central areas of Nebraska as well. Start fishing in March and work your way through fall. You will be able to catch your fair share of crappies. Look around the weed beds and willow patches. If you are fishing by any of the dams, use a tube lure or a chartreuse 1/8 ounce jig on a six-pound test line and a light spinning rig. Keep the crappies in your sights and drop the bait as close to the area where you find them. The best time is early mornings and later in the afternoon. You could also just find an area where they frequent and drift that area. Just make sure to stay in the zone.

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