Where do crappies spawn?

Where do crappie spawn?

The answer is simple, wherever you see fall tree stumps, weed beds and underwater structures in the shallow waters is where the crappies will spawn. However, the water temperature where the fish spawn must be at the idea temperature or they fish may move to an area where the water is just right. Where the crappies spawn is also going to depend on the water where the crappies live. Some waters don’t have enough underwater structures or weed beds, so the fish will find other areas in the shallowest of water. This may be in rivers, channels or by dams. The crappies are not going to spawn in the deep waters, but water about ten feet is possible if that is the shallowest and where the nests can be protected. If you fish a lake where the water temperatures fluctuate a lot, the crappies may move into rivers where the water warms quicker then in large open water lakes. The best place to start looking for spawning crappies is in the shallows and then near the underwater structures and around the mouth to rivers and channels. When the crappies do spawn, the feeding afterwards is what an angler wants to get into. The crappie are hungry and will feed, but the males will stay and guard the nest. This is when the males are more vulnerable because they go after anything that threatens the nest and the young. The males are very aggressive at this time and it is possible to bait them quickly.

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