Weiss Lake Crappie Fishing – Location And Strategy

Sometimes they can be finicky and they won’t always take the same bait. Six pound test line is recommended and if you use bright color line you will be able to see it better when you get a strike.

After you have all of your gear together and loaded on your boat it’s time to find a spot and begin experimenting with different baits and fish at different depths. It may take a few tries but you will eventually find a great spot full of crappie.

Trolling is an excellent method to use because it allows you to fish at a variety of levels and you can use different baits at the same time. This will help to locate where the crappies are and which baits they are attracted to the most much quicker than using one line. If you don’t know the area very well you may want to get a map of the lake before you begin. This lake has submerged timber in some parts that could be dangerous if you run up on them unexpectedly. You also need to know where the shallow water is located.

Since most anglers use lightweight gear when fishing for crappie you may have more difficultly catching them when it is windy. You may want to check out the weather before you head out so you will know what to expect. Weiss Lake is an excellent place to go if you enjoy catching crappie. You should make a point to visit it at least once but be prepared, catching crappie can be addictive and you may want to make fishing at Weiss Lake a regular routine.

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