Catching Crappie In Clear Lake

Although, catching crappie in Clear Lake is better during the spawn and
November, the rest of the year is just as well. The bait and the location is what you need to consider. The best bait is going to be the minnow, while the location is going to change throughout the year. Since the water depth is not as deep as other lakes, you will be able to fish different areas. The most impressive point to fishing Clear Lake is the underwater structures. You have more places to fish than you do on other lakes. This alone means more chances for catching a fish.

Clear lake in California is noted for its bass population because crappie fishing is not as popular, but the anglers may just being keeping it to themselves. There are many anglers that catch their limits every day. It is best to take only what you can eat and leave the rest to grow and populate the lake.

There have been problems with the lake over the years with fish dying off, but as of 2008, the waters were filled with bass and crappies. This is good news for anglers in California that want to fish for crappies.

If you practice fishing the different times of the year with the right baits, you will have a great time fishing. With the seasons, bring along different ways and places to fish. You just have to check the area and find the schools and drop your bait into the middle. You can find some information out from the local bait shop as to what is working that day and where the anglers are catching the crappie for that day. They do move around all over the lake. A map of the lake will help pin point the underwater structures and shelves.

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