A Guide To Crappie Fishing Regulations In The United States

However, this is not always the case. Some states may not have any restrictions for one body of water but there will be restrictions on a nearby lake or river. Some areas will allow you to keep crappie of any length while others will require they be a certain size before you can keep them. If they are under the required length, you must gently place them back in the water. To avoid breaking any laws, make sure you learn the regulations before you venture out. It’s always best to be sure.

Importance of Crappie Fishing Regulations

Regulations are designed to protect the fishing resources and guarantee that the crappie has a chance to grow and thrive. Since all lakes, rivers and reservoirs have their own unique environment the regulations that govern fishing must be made for each specific area. That’s why they will vary from one area to another. It all depends on how well this species is doing in each area.

One lake may be overrun with crappie and so you can keep any that you catch while they may not thrive as well in another lake. In this case you may only be able to keep them when they measure a certain length and stop fishing when you reach a specific limit.

The rules and regulations that govern crappie fishing are designed to protect the species. It prevents them from being wiped out of certain areas and ensures that future generations of anglers have the opportunity to fish for them as well. Always learn the regulations in advance for each body of water in which you plan to fish and follow them completely. It’s the respectable thing to do.

When you obey the laws you can have fun and enjoy reeling in those crappies.

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