Red Lake Crappie Fishing In Minnesota

During the fall when the water is cooling down, the crappie will be on a feeding frenzy. You can offer larger minnows to attract bites. The fish have to eat what they can before moving to the deeper waters where they will become less active in the colder waters. They tend to move to the log cribs where they will spend a good deal of the winter waiting for baitfish to come around. Then again, you will move into winter ice fishing on red Lake.

The anglers are having great luck fishing with the Angel Eye JR in the upper part of the lake. They simply drop it in and give it a little jiggle here and there. It is great for crappie and perch fishing. You can use whatever you want, but you might want to try the Angel Eye JR with some other bait. Crappies like minnows and bluegills as well. Depending on the season, you can fish with other baits, but for the most part the standard baits work all year long. All you need is a minnow and a jig if you do not want to go out and buy anything new.

Once you find the area to fish, you will want to remember the specifics of the area. Many anglers are using the GPS devices to mark their waypoints. This will enable them to return to the same place each time they return. It is possible to have more than one waypoint for the lake. It just gives you a start when you get out on the lake. If you do not have a GPS, you can get a map of the lake and map out where the fish are and the time of the year that you found them in that area. Keep records and keep fishing with good results.

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