Tips To Catch Crappie in Tunica Mississippi

The crappies have a soft mouth so when you feel a bite try not to jerk on the line too hard. If you do, it’s possible and very likely that the hook will tear right through the lips and you will lose your catch. One thing that you need to know to have success is where to go and that’s the great thing about Tunica.

Just about any lake or river in the area will be a great place to catch crappie.
However, you will find that the Tunica Cutoff comes highly recommended.

The Tunica Cutoff

If you are new to fishing in Tunica Mississippi, then you may not know much about the Tunica Cutoff. One of the first things that you will learn is that this water is colder than the other lakes and rivers in the area. What this means for the angler is that the normal spawning season starts later in the year because it takes longer for the water to warm up. Therefore, the prime time to go crappie fishing in the Tunica Cutoff is the end of April and during the month of May.

When you think about it, this is great for the anglers in this area. They can take advantage of fishing in the surrounding lakes and rivers during regular spawning season and then go to the Tunica Cutoff afterwards to fish. This extends the prime time for catching crappie in Tunica. The Cutoff is best known for catching large numbers of crappies. Other great crappie fishing areas include the Mississippi River and the Arkabutla Lake.

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