How To Catch Crappie On Norris Lake

Take some time to go over the fishing reports for Norris Lake before you set out. These are provided by all types of anglers from the professional to the angler that goes fishing for fun. They’re a great resource that can give you some useful insight and help save you lots of time by giving you tips and advice on where and when to go crappie fishing.


Crappie fishing on Norris Lake is loads of fun and has the potential to create some great fishing stories. The basic rules for catching crappie apply for most any area that you go fishing, including Norris Lake. The crappie is one of the easiest species to catch and is enjoyed by all types of anglers with a variety of skill levels. They are the prefect species for families to seek out when on fishing trips together. Plus, they provide lots of excitement for the experienced anglers as well.

Learn as much as you can about crappies and it will help you have more success each time you go fishing. By learning about their habits, the food they eat and their habitats you will be prepared to reel in some nice catches. The black crappies tend to stay in the clearer parts of the lake and the white crappies prefer the murky waters. Both types of crappies spend most of their time around structures for both protection and to seek out food.

Crappies are a great tasting fish with white firm meat and lots of great flavor. Between the great taste and the challenge they provide, there’s no wonder they’re such a popular species and Norris Lake is one of the best places to catch them. You can have a great family outing or do some serious crappie fishing from one end of this lake to the other.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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