How to Setup Speckled Trout Fishing Rigs

Use this same rig setup when fishing around structures.

Dry fly/dropper rigs:

If fly fishing, you may prefer the dry fly/dropper rig. You can fish with two flies at the same time.

Start with a dry fly (buoyant).

Use a fly that is light enough to hold up the dropper without sinking.

Attach the fly to the leader.

Tie your dropper line with a clinch knot to either the hook or the eye.

The length will again depend on the depths of the waters you are fishing in.

Be sure to weight your dropper so the line stays in place where it should.

Avoid slack in the line that will lead to missed bites.

Speckled trout can be some of the most fun fish to fish for. If you’re an angler wanting to try your hand at some specks, these trout fishing rigs will help you get what you need and want. The more often you use them, the better you will perfect your technique and the more comfortable you will become with the process.

Now that you know how to properly setup your speckled trout fishing rigs, you are ready to set out and enjoy your speck fishing anywhere and any time you choose. Since these fish are most often abundant all year round, there are few regulations or limitations on when and where you can fish for them. Use these techniques next time you are out and have fun fishing those specks!

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