Tactics for fishing Arizona crappie

Casting and still fishing are two other tactics that are used to reel in the crappie. These methods are good for fishing around structures and in shallow water. They allow you to get close to the school of fish without scaring them away. Considering how easily this species is spooked these tactics are very popular.

Seasonal Fishing

The crappie, like most all species, will respond a little differently depending on the season in which you go fishing. Below you will find a few tips that will help you be more productive in all four seasons. When crappie fishing in the fall, you can find them located in both the shallow waters and about midway between the surface and the bottom. Spoons and jigs are the best bait to use when fishing during the day and top baits and spinners work great during other times.

In the spring, the crappies are usually spawning and they are more plentiful during this time of year. They can be found around structures where they are building their nest for laying eggs. Jigs, spinners and top baits are recommended and they can be found close to the shoreline in the shallows.

Drifting is a popular method used for catching Arizona crappies in the spring.

In the summer, it’s recommended you fish for crappies in the early morning and late evenings because they will be closer to the shallows during these times.
The hotter the weather the deeper you may need to go to find them. Spoons, jigs and top baits are usually good choices during this season.

In the winter, top baits, jigs and worms are good choices for bait. The crappies are usually found in the deeper parts of the water during this season and they can be very slow to respond. It’s for this reason you need to use a slow presentation and have lots of patience when fishing in this season.

Live bait is recommended for anytime because it usually works great in all seasons. Just make sure you have a proper way of storing the bait to keep it fresh or the crappies won’t have much interest in your offering. Use these tactics for crappie fishing in Arizona and you should be able to reel in a nice catch you can be proud of.

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