4 Crappie Fishing Tips

Basic Crappie Information

Here is a basic guideline that you can go by to help you determine which color would be the best in different situations. Water will have a greenish color after you get down about three to five feet but the deeper you go it will begin to turn blue again. Due to this color change a pattern was created that works very well. Use reddish color lures in shallow water then as you go deeper try orange, yellow, green, blue and black. White colors seem to work well in any depth.

Young crappies feed on insects and as they age they begin eating baitfish. Some of the best baits to use to catch crappies are minnows and it doesn’t matter if you use live or artificial ones, they will respond to both. Some of the other baitfish they are attracted to includes crickets, grasshoppers, worms, crustaceans and maggots. Spinnerbaits, small poppers and streamers are also great options when fishing for this species.

Crappies can be unpredictable sometimes so it’s always a good idea to have a variety of lures and jigs with you each time you go out. The more variety you have the easier it will be to find something that the crappie will be interested in. This will help to make each fishing trip more productive and exciting. After all, the whole point of going fishing is to relax and reel in as many fish as you can.

The more experienced you become the more you’ll begin to see how everything affects the way crappies and other fish species respond, even the weather and the temperature of the water. Crappies can see better in cold water so you should use smaller fishing lines and hooks to prevent them from seeing your gear and being scared away.

When the crappies spawn in the spring they can be found in slow moving shallow water around structures where they can build their nest. In the fall, the crappies don’t swim together in large groups like they do other times of the year. They may still be in small groups but they are more spread out than usual and in the winter they will go to deeper waters.

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