crappie fishing in Florida

Some of the methods of catching this fish as been discussed in this article in the following passages. Since they always travel in a school it can be easily caught by still fishing. One best season to catch a crappie is during the spring season. It is during this season that the Crappie is busy spawning.

These fish are a bit shy so it is tough to locate them in plain water. Please take additional care to locate the stumps or any form of artificial covering and you will be successful in locating a Crappie fish or two.  Jigs are available which help in their usage as baits. Using a live bait will also help to fish out a Crappie fish.

Some of major fishing spots of Crappie fish are as given in this passage. Like mentioned in the beginning of this article the fish can be commonly found in lake water. Hence the fish is common in Florida lakes such as the Cyprus Lake, Crooked lake, Orange Lake and Lake Wier.

If you are into fishing at the river beds the author would suggest moving to St. Johns Lake or the Apopka Lake. One reservoir to feature this fish is Jim WoodRuff Reservoir. Instead of listing down the whole lakes which are there in Florida and in the outskirts the author would suggest doing some online research and post queries in discussion boards pertaining to fishing.

Much of the important information which is required for fishing of Crappie is situated online. Although winter season is the best suited for Crappie fishing the fish can be found in small numbers in the other seasons too. Usual fishing techniques such as marking a spot and waiting in there in the bait is also found feasible to catch Crappie fishes too.

Some of the aggressive variety may seem harder to be caught, but hey there are plenty of fish in the lake.

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