Crescent Lake Crappie Fishing Strategies

Cast near these nest and you are sure to get a bite. During the summer they move out into the deeper water but they move back in close to shore again in the fall. You can find crappies hanging out around trees, stumps and any other type of structures found in the water.

When to Fish for Crappies on Crescent Lake

Knowing when to fish for crappies is just as important as knowing where to find them and what methods to use. The very best time to catch crappies in Crescent Lake will be in the early part of the morning and the late evening hours.

However, they can be caught during the middle of the day as well. They’re just not as active.

If you plan to fish for crappies at night it’s recommended that you use lanterns to light up a section of the water to draw them into your area. The light will draw the baitfish and the crappie will follow. You can use a submersible lantern or hang one over the edge of the boat or bank whichever works best for you.

Best Crappie Baits

If you know anything at all about crappie fishing, then you know that one of the things crappies love the most is live minnows. Now don’t get the wrong idea, this doesn’t mean that you can’t catch them with other baits. There are many other options that will get their attention. You can use jigs that resemble minnows or anything else they feed on naturally. Just make sure that you keep the bait moving or it won’t be very effective. Some of the other baits that will get their attention include worms, grasshoppers, maggots, aquatic insects, crickets, crustaceans and crayfish.

Keep in mind that crappies have a soft fragile mouth that will tear easily if you try to set the hook to hard. Don’t jerk when you think you feel a bite. Instead, try a quick snap of the wrist and then reel in slowly. Otherwise, you may lose your catch. When Crescent Lake crappie fishing take into consideration the fact that crappies have very good vision. If they see you, the line, the hook or anything else out of the ordinary, they will swim off in the opposite direction. Use these tips and strategies and you’re sure to have a great productive time crappie fishing in Crescent Lake.

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