Getting The Most Out Of Your Ochoco Lake Crappie Fishing Trip

The crappies are also very moody, which means they may strike every time you use a certain color one day and not even touch it the next. This is why it’s recommended you always carry a variety of different lures with you each time you go fishing. It’s always a good idea to experiment and try different colors and sizes until you find what is working the best in any given situation.

Tips for Fishing Ochoco Lake

There are a few things that you should know about the crappies in order to reel in more fish. Although most all species of fish tend to congregate around structures, the crappies seem to love them even more. Look for them around any type of structure you see including submerged trees, rocks, weeds and docks. They can also be found out in the open where the baitfish will gather together because they can be unpredictable sometimes and follow their food source.

When fishing in Ochoco Lake when the water is cold and the levels are low, search for the deepest parts of the lake to start fishing. During this time of year the crappies tend to congregate together in large schools and they can usually be found in the same general areas as the shad on this lake. You can normally reel in a nice mess of crappies by still-fishing and dropping your line down through the middle of the shad. However, with the water temperature being so cold it can also be dangerous so be careful and stay safe.

The temperature of the water will have an affect on the way the crappies respond to your offerings. They can see better in cold water so you need to make sure the line and hook is not visible or it may scare them away. They will also be less aggressive in cold water so you need to slow down your presentation. Smaller lures are recommended when fishing in cold water.

You can get the most out of your Ochoco Lake crappie fishing trip when you use these tips to help you find and reel in more fish. With the great fishing, beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings, you are sure to have a wonderful fishing trip that you will always remember.

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