5 White Perch Facts

White Peach Fishing Tips

When fishing for the white perch the best bait to use would be shrimp, bloodworms, minnows and earthworms because these are some of the foods they are most attracted too naturally. Other types of baits that you can use include crabs, small fish and fish eggs that belong to other species. They are a small species so you need to stick with small bait when seeking them out. You can also use artificial bait but the shiny ones will get the most action. Try spoons and metallic plastic worms for the best results.

It’s a good idea to use several fishing rods at one time when going white perch fishing. This allows you to fish with different baits and even at different depths so you can find the one that gets the most attention faster. You can cast one close to shore, one as far out as you can go into the water and one or two more somewhere in-between the first two. Use rod holders to make handling multiple rods easy and efficient.

The white perch are referred to as bottom-oriented fish. They are predaceous carnivores and they feed off of shrimp, crabs and other small fish. Using a natural food source and still-fishing for this species will be very effective. A fast-action rod is recommended to help you feel when they take the bait because normally it will be a slight nibble that is easily missed. These rods also make it easier to set the hook when you do get a bite.

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