How to Pick the Right Minnow Net

Minnow Seines – The minnow seines are made form nylon that won’t absorb water or an inexpensive polyester mesh. They are designed with floats along the upper edge while the bottom edge is designed with lead sinkers to give you better control when positioning them in the water.

Minnow Bait Cast Net – This net is designed to be thrown out over the water where the minnows are located. Then the weights will pull together as you’re retrieving it from the water and trap the minnows inside.

Floating Minnow Net – The floating minnow net looks much like the basic net used except it has a floating handle that keeps it suspended above the surface of the water. Use bait to attract the minnows and then simply scoop them on up.

You will have to make the final decision as to which minnow net is the right one for you. However, the information here should help you make that decision based on knowing a little about the different types of minnow nets made.

Advantages of Using the Minnow Net

Using a minnow net has many advantages. For one thing, they are all very easy to use. The hardest part is finding a location where the minnows are plentiful. Once you find them, simply place the net in the water and wait for them to get into position. Before you know it, you have just netted a whole bunch of minnows for your fishing adventure.

Another advantage is being able to catch your own bait anytime you’re on the water. You never have to worry about running out of minnows and having to cut your fishing trip short. If you run out, all you need to do is pull out the minnow net and snatch up a new bunch to continue reeling in the fish.

You can catch numerous species of fish by using minnows. They seem to be the favorite of all kinds of fish which makes the minnow very popular. For this reason, you will often find that your local bait shop will run out of them right when you are ready to go fishing. However, if you have your own net, you never have to worry about this problem plus, it’s a lot cheaper too. Have a great time reeling in those fish!

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