Perch Fishing on Lake Erie

Yellow perch fishing from the Michigan side of the lake can be the best by Monroe Michigan. You can fish the western basin of Lake Erie and go home with you daily bag limit in no time once you find the schools. For perch fishing in New York, the best place to fish is by the end of the lake by the Upper Niagara River over by Buffalo.

Bait Used to Catch Yellow Perch

Use a weighted rig for perch with two hooks tipped with minnows. You could also use night crawlers and have the same results. The idea is to keep the bait near the bottom of the water and lifting it up slowly and then letting it settle. If you are on the water in a boat, the water motion is going to give you all the movement you need. However, shore fishing will require you to give the bait some movement.

When you are looking for the best spots and bait for Lake Erie yellow perch fishing, you should concentrate on the Ohio or Pennsylvania sides, but never rule out the Michigan and New York sides. Although Ohio has more areas to fish, it goes to say that if there are yellow perch in the lake, they are going to migrate to other areas of the lake if the feeding grounds are right and the underwater structures are right. You can bet that the fishing is going to be good in Canada as well, but that may be a little far from home.

If you use a night crawler or a minnow to fish for the yellow perch and you have to find a large school, the two-hook rig is going to help produce more fish. It is not rare to sink the bait and pull in two perch with one line. Perch are aggressive feeders and this is seen when you throw the bait to the school. Since Lake Erie is so large, a fish locator is also a good piece of equipment to have.

You can find more locations than mentioned, but if you stick to the popular areas, you are going to find some good schools and catches.

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