You can build your own minnow trap

Place bottle “B” into bottle “A” with the tops of the bottle pointing in the same direction.

Punch holes in the bottom of both bottles around the area where they are cut off. Use twine or a strong string to sew the bottoms (along where they were cut off) together. The main thing is that you make sure they don’t come apart.

Punch a few holes in bottle “A” to aid in the flow of water so the minnows that get trapped will stay alive until you empty out the trap.

Don’t forget to tie a long rope onto the trap so you will have something to lower it into the water and pull it back out again.

Bait the trap with crackers, bread or some other foods that will attract the minnows and place it in the water.

Make sure you check the trap often to ensure you don’t leave the minnows in the trap too long.

The concept of this homemade minnow trap is very simple. The minnows will swim in through bottle “B” and they will be trapped in the space between “B” and “A” because the top is still on bottle “A”. The minnows will not swim back out the same way they entered the trap.

Building your own minnow trap has many benefits. Not only will it give you access to minnows when you need them but it saves you lots of money too. If you do lots of fishing and like using minnows this can be very expensive after awhile. Think about how much you spend each fishing season on minnows and you’ll see how fast it adds up.

Another benefit is that you’ll get better results with minnows that you catch yourself. This is primarily because they are a natural part of the lakes and rivers where you’re fishing.

You also get the pleasure of catching the fish with the bait you caught yourself. However, using a bait trap doesn’t take up lots of your time like trying to catch them with a net would. There are other ways to make minnow traps but the directions above are one of the easiest methods to use.

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