Five Crappie Jig Fishing Secrets

Now is the time for still fishing a jig. They will ususally suspend near the thermocline, which can be anywhere from 10-20′ deep in most places. Take your 12′ rod, tie a jig on the end of the line, then hold the pole straight up and down. Let line out until the jig is even with the butt of the pole. This is all the line you need out. Now, drop the jig straight down, and just let it set. Every few minutes, you can slowly move the jig around a little. Soon, a crappie wil slam the jig.

Down-Jigging – After a cold front moves through, the barometric pressure will go up, and the crappie will be uncoopertive.They will usually go to the bottom in 10′-15′ of water, with their noses tight in cover. Hover your jig about 1′ off the bottom for several seconds, then, suddenly and sharply,  drop your rod tip 2-3 inches, to make the jig drop sharply.

The sudden drop often triggers strikes from fish that were too lazy to hit even a stationary jig.

Slow -Rise -When down-jigging doesn’t work, allow you jig to suspend 2-3 inches off the bottom for a few seconds, then slooooowly raise your rod tip up abpout a foot. Hold it there for around 15 seconds, then sloooowly allow it to drop back down. Be ready to set the hook at anytime. Crappie will usually hit the jig on the rise, or fall.

Finger-Popping-in situations where the fish are a bit more aggressive, you can trigger strikes by grasping the line above the reel between the thumb and forefinger, With yoiu free fingers, repeadedly ‘flick’ the line, making the jig ‘dance’ underwater. Any crappie watching the jig can’t resist nailing it.

High-Hopping-when crappie get inactive immediatly after spawning, here is a trick to entice them a bit. Drop your line to within 2 inches of the bottom, and set it set for a few seconds. The sharp[y pull up 2-3 feet, and let the jig fall back down. This can trigger some Vicious strike.

Studying your quarry helps a lot. Learn about crappie habits, and use these techniques and you will seldom get ‘skunked’.

Happy Fishing

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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