Crappie Jig Fishing

Crappie Jig Fishing Tips

Even though jig fishing is a pretty simple technique there are a few tips that can help you achieve better results each time you go out. For example, jigging with more than one line will allow you to catch several fish at one time. It will also allow you to find the depth of the crappie a lot faster because you can put each line at a different depth and try more areas at one time, thus locating the fish faster.

Using marker buoys can be very beneficial because they allow you to mark the spot where brushpiles and other structures are located without disturbing the crappie. Use a trolling motor to keep your boat near the buoy while fishing instead of your anchor because the anchor can scare off the crappie and anchors can very easily get tangled up within the structures.

One of the best places to go crappie jig fishing in the spring would be around vertical structures such as underwater trees, bridge supports and dock posts.

Normally, you will get better results if you do not move your jig up and down a lot. This tends to discourage the crappie. Instead, you simply need to gently lift the tip of the rod from time to time and allow the jig to float back down into place.

Remember that crappies are normally light biters, which means that you may barely feel it when they take the bait. Therefore, you need to be paying close attention and when you think you have a bite, set the hook by using a sharp snap of the wrist. Using this information can help you make each of your crappie fishing trips a more fun and successful one.

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