Missouri Crappie Fishing

Crappies will be found around stumps, brush, weeds, docks and other similar cover regardless if they are natural and man-made. During the heat of the day the crappie will usually retreat out into the deeper water away from where the sun is heating things up. From late evening to early morning they can be found in the more shallow waters. This is why fishing late in the evening through to the early morning is considered the best fishing time.

When fishing in the lakes of Missouri you will find that using live bait, lures or jigs will work great. Using bait that looks similar to the natural food source that is found in these lakes will get you the best results. This would be baits such as worms, insects, minnows and small crustaceans. The crappie will bite any time of the year but like most species they are most active during the spring spawning.

There are a lot of interesting facts concerning Missouri crappie fishing such as the fact that both the black and the white crappie state record was caught out of private ponds. This is very unusual and something that does not happen often, which just goes to show that the crappie can be found anywhere.

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