Perch Fishing Secrets

Another thing to try when fishing for perch is attractor hooks. Just use the very smallest weighted ones that you can find. Use small pieces of worm, maggot or grubs. The color of the attractor hooks gets the attention of the perch; they swim close enough to see the bait, and just can not resist taking a bite!

Another option would be to use 1/32 ounce jig hooks, the smallest tube jigs and twister tails. Once you have all the equipment you need sorted out, and you are armed with all the knowledge, and have pinpointed a likely location, just cast your line. Don’t move it around a lot and cause lots of disturbances. Just cast it out and wait. Occasionally just gently tap the line with your finger. This simple motion combined with the natural movement caused by the water current, will create plenty of movement to allow the bait to get noticed and snapped up.

Another thing to consider is that once you have caught a perch, be sure to get your hook back into the water as quickly as possible to tempt them to stay in the area and take advantage of their presence before they begin to move on.

Fishing for perch is quite rewarding.  It may be a challenge at first, but like any other type of fish, you need to get acquainted with the best methods and styles of fishing for this animal.  Often, it only takes a few minutes to get into all that you need ready to go.

Once you are set and at your favorite perch fishing hole, spend some time being patient.  Perch, like other fish, like to bide their time and it will be up to you to sit back and wait, patiently of course.

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