Best Baits for Alabama Crappie Fishing

You will also find that certain artificial baits work better in different types of water conditions and weather conditions such as when it’s sunny, cloudy or when night fishing. The color you use is very important and it makes a difference in the amount of success you can enjoy.

When fishing in clear water look to see what the natural food source is and then match it. When fishing in moderate to shallow clear waters choose colors like gray and silver while browns or greens work best when fishing on the bottom.

Bright colors work best when fishing in dark or muddy waters along with lures that vibrate through the water. Chartreuse, white, yellow, light green and pink are great colors to use.

Gold spinners, greens, browns and blacks usually work very well on cloudy days while the brightest colored lures in your tackle box is usually the best to use on bright sunny days. When you’re night fishing for crappies in Alabama black or other dark colored lures work very well. Of course, the best way to determine which lures are working the best is by trying out different ones each time to go out crappie fishing.

Once you find the right bait to use you can work on your presentation to enhance your fishing skills even more. You can move the bait faster when the crappies are biting aggressively and slow down your presentation when they’re less active. It’s also suggested that you try different retrieval methods until you find the one that works the best. Keep in mind that if you’re not getting the results that you desire with one type of bait, then switch to something else and give it a try.

Crappie fishing in Alabama is some of the best found anywhere in the nation.
Crappies can be caught by using any type of technique such as casting, trolling, still-fishing and drifting. Search for this species around stumps, trees, brush and any other type of cover either natural or man-made and have a wonderful time crappie fishing in Alabama!

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