Crappie USA Tournaments: Quick Tips For Entering And Placing High

The night before each tournament there will be a seminar in which late registrations can be taken care of and a review of all the rules will be gone over. It is suggested that you take advantage of the seminar as they have a lot of useful information to discuss. There will also be a chance for participants to ask any questions you may have to make sure you are fully prepared for the tournament.

Crappie USA Tournaments History

Crappie USA tournaments have quite an impressive history that have made them what they are today. Crappie USA is the first and the largest crappie organization found anywhere in the word. It was the first tournament organization to put in place a mandatory catch and release system, which other organizations soon began using as well. This has helped to preserve the different species of fish so they have a chance to grow and thrive.

Crappie USA established the member publication called The Outdoor Journal Magazine and several crappie club affiliations. They introduced Semi-Pro tournaments in the year 2000 and even co-founded the first television show that was dedicated to crappie fishing. They also established crappie kids fishing rodeos and offered great prizes to all children that participate, which includes four scholarships a year for five thousand dollars each. This rodeo is free for children under the age of twelve.

These rodeos help to encourage young adults to take more of an interest in this amazing sport and it helps with their education in the process. New lakes are scheduled each year to help increase the exposure of these tournaments. Plus it gives more families the opportunity to take part in one or more of the crappie USA tournaments available each year for your enjoyment.

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