Yellow Perch Fishing Strategies

It is recommended that you use the lightest tackle available when fishing for perch such ultra-light reels and rods, 4 to 6 pound test line and the smallest possible hooks.

A stiff rod will normally work the best when fishing for yellow perch because they make it easier to set the hook without tearing the mouth of the perch.

Fishing from boats gives you the mobility you need to locate the perch faster and easier so if you have the opportunity to use a boat it can be very rewarding.

When perch fishing you will find that the weather plays a big roll in how successful you will be. When the wind is blowing it will make it very hard to tell the difference between the perch taking the bait and the wind blowing the cork around. It also makes it very difficult to cast the line in windy weather so it will be harder to get it in the locating you are aiming for. When it’s raining it will be more difficult to catch the perch because they are distracted from the rain hitting the water and tend to ignore your bait and go after the raindrops.

In the heat of the day the perch will swim to deeper water so you will have to go deeper if you want to catch them. During the early morning, late evening or on cloudy days you will have the best results. Fish for perch around structures, drop-offs, rocks, vegetation and reefs. It is important to be flexible and change your techniques if what you are originally using is not getting you the results you are searching for. Experiment with different bait and be prepared to move around to different areas.

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