Five Black Crappie Facts

Keep in mind the black crappie has a very thin mouth, hence the nickname papermouth. Due to this fact, you may need some practice learning how to set the hook without pulling it all the way through the mouth. If this happens not only will you lose the catch but it causes excessive damage to the fish that could have been avoided. Try using a slight snap of the wrist to set the hook and this should provide enough force to hook the fish but not tear all the way through.

A good thing about fishing for black crappie is the bait you can use to catch them. You can fish for crappie with a wide range of different bait options, making it easier than ever to get the fish you’re looking for. Bait will usually be dependent on the time of year you go fishing for the black crappie and what is most easily available. Hungry crappie are not as particular as many other breeds will be.

Now that you have these five black crappie fishing facts as well as other tips and information about crappie fishing, you will be ready to start fishing for them yourself any time or any place. If you are lucky enough to live in a Northern state where these fish frequent, it will be even easier than you ever thought to catch them.

Crappie can be a good fishing choice if you are taking a child or someone new to fishing who doesn’t have a lot of experience. This is because they are so easy to catch and it can be motivating for the new fisher to get catches.

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