A Quick Guide For Finding The Best Louisiana Crappie Fishing Guides

The rates are another consideration. Every guide service will have a different rate per day, per group or per weekend. If you are looking for a group price, make sure to request a discount to save money. If the rate includes transportation from your hotel, it may cost more. You need to find out what you get for the amount of money you have to pay for the guide. Never take anything for granted when setting up reservations. Find out what is covered and not covered.

You should find out what types of accommodations are available near the guide service. Some guide services will have something set up with one or two hotels close by so that the party using their service receives a discount. When you book the fishing trip, you should ask about the nearest hotels and if they have any special deals for accommodations. This can save you a lot of money for lodging.

Find out if the guide service has a pick up service from your hotel. Most guide services will pick up clients within a certain distance. If the guide does not have a pick up service, you will need to find transportation from the hotel to the boat dock or wherever they choose as the meeting place. This can be an inconvenience for some people.

It is always wise to select a service that you can feel comfortable with and one that will give you the most time fishing for the money. When you inquire to guide services, you should always ask questions so that you know you are choosing the right place. If you need more information after you book a reservation, always call the guide service right away to find out the answers. Never wait until you arrive.

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