South Carolina Crappie Fishing

Wintertime is also a great time to go crappie fishing if you don’t mind the cold weather. However, they do tend to move a lot slower so you will have to present your bait in a slow even motion to get and keep their attention. They are not going to chase after the bait so you have to make it convenient for them. If you do go winter crappie fishing, make sure you dress appropriately for the weatheSouth Carolina Crappie Fishingr so you can stay warm while out on the water.

Many anglers will use lures, jigs or live bait when they go crappie fishing because these tend to help them achieve the best results. Crappies are also attracted to bait that resembles their natural food source such as worms, minnows, insects and small crustaceans. When the crappie are aggressive you can move your bait around at a fast pace and still receive good results but if they are slow to respond to your bait then you need to slow things down a bit.

Crappie will hang out around any type of cover, whether it is natural or manmade. Therefore, search for them around stumps, brush, docks, rocks, ledges and so forth. During the early morning and late afternoon you will find the crappie closer to the surface in the shallow water and during the middle of the day they will be out in the deeper water. Normally they will go deeper in the water during the night as well.

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