Secrets of Spider Rigging For Crappie

Presentation for Spider Rigging

Presentation is important in any kind of fishing and spider rigging is no exception. If you don’t present your bait in an appealing way, then you will not have the results you should be getting. You need to consider your trolling speed very carefully because the lines need to be in a vertical position without floating underneath the boat. You have to keep a slow steady pace to have the best results. Allowing your boat to drift in the direction of the wind seems to usually work very well.

Normally, using a minnow on a straight hook is the most common bait to use when spider fishing. When fishing in dark and murky water with lures the purple, red, black and chartreuse work the best and lighter colors like white, orange and yellow work the best for clear waters. The key to spider rigging is to drop the bait at different depths so you can fish several depths at one time. This makes covering a lot of ground faster and easier and helps you determine where the crappies are actually located. You can also use different baits to see which ones will get you the best results at any given time.

It is very important that you always obey the rules of the state in which you are fishing. For that reason you should always check the regulations of the state before going spider rigging because many states don’t allow it or they have restrictions that you must follow.

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