Best Places in Maryland for Crappie Fishing

Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappies love to stay around cover so, look for them in all types of underwater structures such as brush, stumps, fallen trees, rocks and anything else they can hide around.

There are several techniques that can be used to catch crappies.

Where you’re fishing, the weather condition, time of day and other factors will determine which one is the best to use at any given time. Some of the techniques most often used are casting, jigging, still-fishing and drifting because these techniques allow you to get the bait around the structures where the crappies are located.

As with most species, spring is the best time to seek out crappies because this is when they’re the most abundant and the most aggressive. This makes it easier to reel in a nice catch regardless of when you go fishing. Still, you can catch crappies most anytime of the year if you can entice them to take the bait. Your presentation is very important when trying to get the attention of any species because they won’t go after anything that acts unnatural. If you’re having problems catching crappies, your presentation may be weak and you may just need to practice for awhile.

Live bait, jigs and crappie lures are all great options that will entice the crappies to bite. They seem to be especially attracted to minnows. Therefore, fishing with live minnows or lures that imitate them will usually yield some great results. The crappies will be closer to the shoreline in the early mornings and late evenings but they will move out to deeper waters during the middle of the day when the sun is at its brightest. They will also be closer to the shore on days that are overcast or drizzling rain.

Crappies are a very popular species and they are sought after by all types of anglers. They’re a great species for the beginner to seek out because they’re fairly easy to catch but they do make fishing exciting enough to keep the experienced angler interested as well. Crappie fishing in Maryland has a lot to offer all anglers whether you live in the area or if you’re just visiting.

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