Four Tips for Raising Minnows

Have enough equipment for the amount of minnows you will raise. Raising minnows is not hard, but the equipment you need can cost money. If you r minnow population expands faster than what you expected, you are going to find yourself overwhelmed with minnows. If you plan to use the minnows for bait, you should be able to hold down the population. If you are going to sell the bait at a bait shop, you need more than you would for personal use.

These are all tips and considerations for raising minnows. Before you start, you should read a book or two about raising fish. Even though the minnow is a wild fish, you can raise them in tanks. You have to know what type of minnow you are going to raise and then you must start you farm with at least two breeding tanks with males and females inside. You will need to keep the fish fed and healthy to breed. The water, lightening and decor must suit the fish. If you do not pay close attention to the brood, you could end up with more dead fish than life fish.

Stop breeding the fish if you start to become overrun with fry. You do not want to waste your time raising fish only to have them die because you do not have enough time, equipment and room to grow. Set up a system that will work the best. The room where you have the breeding farm should be away from the inhabitants of the house or building.

The smell can overwhelm you if you are not a fish person. Plan to clean tanks, use the fish and keep every tank healthy for fish or you may be defeating the purpose of raising minnows. You want them to attract other fish when out on the waters and bad fish may not attract the predators.

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