A Lake Eerie Perch Fishing Guide

You will get the best results when fishing in water six feet to fifteen feet deep. The perch is a school fish meaning they swim together in groups. When you locate one, there are usually many more in the same area. However, the perch do stay on the move so when you stop getting bites, it’s time for you to move to a new area as well. Keep in mind that even though they do travel from one area to another, they don’t usually go too far from their home.

Basic Information for Perch Fishing

In the spring Lake Eerie has thousands of perch looking for a place to spawn. The perch will be headed to areas that have shallow water and plenty of cover. Two of the best hot spots to hit on Lake Eerie are Inner Bay and Long Point.

If you don’t know the area very well you can get a map from the local bait and tackle shops to help you find the hot spots. Spend a little time talking to owners and fishermen that hang out in the shops for some first-hand advice on where the best spots are located. Many locals are more than willing to share their knowledge with visitors.

Perch can normally be caught in all depths of water but the best place to start is as near to the bottom as you can go for the best results. One good thing about fishing for perch in Lake Eerie is the fact that they bite all year long and any time of the day. However, they are more plentiful in the spawning season and they feed more during early morning and late evening.

Lake Eerie offers beautiful scenery with breathtaking views along with excellent perch fishing. It is one of the best places for families to go fishing for perch and for the serious angler who is searching for that trophy fish. If you have the opportunity to visit Lake Eerie you can see for yourself all it has to offer.

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