Old Timers Minnow Trap

Hold the two bottle tops together in one hand, holding the tip of your nail in the flame of the candle, until the nail tip becomes very hot. Use this heated nail tip to make holes around the edge of the two bottles. It should take no more than about a dozen holes. Sew the two bottles together by pulling the twine through the holes and tying it. One suggestion is to use small sections of twine and tie each hole separately from the rest rather than trying to sew it with a single strand of twine. This allows the ties to be more secure, and if one breaks, you can still probably retain your catch. If you use only one string, and it breaks, the whole thing falls apart.

Next, reheat your nail and poke several holes into the bottom bottle. Put pet food, crackers, or bread crumbs through the funnel, put your trap into minnow waters, tie it to something stable, and leave it over night. The next morning, you will have all the minnows you need.

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