Perch Fishing Tips A Nice Catch

You can fish for perch from the shoreline or from a boat whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that perch are a school fish and they do travel in groups. They move around a lot so you need to move with them to continue being successful. In other words, when you locate a school of fish you need to catch and reel in as many as you can. When the bites stop the perch have moved on and you need to move as well. If you stay in the same spot you will most likely become bored since the fish is long gone.

Even thought the perch do move around a lot they don’t usually go very far away from their original home. Therefore, you won’t have to move a long ways to find this school fish again. When fishing in small ponds and rivers the perch may not gather together as much in schools because of the small area. When this is the case you mainly need to find the depth where the fish are located and fish that depth throughout your entire visit.

Try experimenting a little with different baits and techniques to see what different strategies will work the best for the specific area in which you are fishing. Who knows, you may discover a technique that allows you to haul in large quantities of perch that know one else knows about.

Perch are caught for many reasons. Some anglers fish for the perch because of the delicious taste, others for the fun of the sport and still others seek them out as baitfish for larger species. Whatever your reason for going perch fishing using the information above can help you be more productive and bring home a nice catch.

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