Successful Ice Fishing For Perch

Good bait for ice fishing for perch are the natural forage found in the area.  Basically, you should see success if you rely on such standard fare as minnows, wax worms, night crawlers, spikes, perch eyes, and helgamites.If you are using minnows on a jig like the rattle snakie or kastmaster, try just using the head.  If perch eyes are allowed, they are often a really, really superb choice of perch bait.  They stay on the line much better than most live baits, and when the perch are biting them, there is nothing better with which to fish!

If you are fishing a location with which you are unfamiliar, it can be hard to locate a school of fish.  One good indication is the areas in which other fishermen seem to be concentrated.  Don’t crowd anyone or trespass on private property, but if you can get in the same general area, you might see some good action by taking advantage of the clues other who might be more familiar with the area are leaving for you.

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