Ontario Canada Crappie Fishing

Take time to do a little research and find out what the natural source of food is in the lake or river you are fishing. This way you will be able to imitate that food source with your bait and you will get a better response from the crappie. Using live bait is always the option for catching crappie but if it is not practicable for you to do so then artificial lures will work. Just make sure you have a variety of different ones available so you can try different types. It is also suggested that you keep your bait moving to entice the crappie to bite but don’t get carried away and move it too quickly or you will scare them away.

Where Are The Crappie Located in Ontario Canada?

So exactly where are the crappies located in Ontario Canada? It really depends on the season. For instance, the crappies move inland during the spring and spawning season. This time of year they are in shallow waters that are beginning to warm up as the ice is starting to melt. It is this time of the year that the crappies appear to be the most aggressive and they can’t seem to take your bait fast enough. By mid-summer the crappie can be found around both natural and man made structures such as bridges, ledges, piers, rocks, logs and so forth.

You can also find crappie suspended about fifteen to twenty feet above the real deep water. Although, by nature they are not considered a deep water species because they will rarely go down any deeper than this. Some of the best Ontario Canada crappie fishing can be found in Lake of the Woods, Lake Simcoe, Rainy Lake and Obabikon Lake to name a few.

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