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How to Catch and Use Live Minnows as Bait

Live minnows are great bait for many types of fish you may be interested in. Catching your own can also help you to save some money at the bait shop. I think that getting the minnows is fun too and if you have kids that are going fishing they will enjoy it as well. There are two common methods that I use to catch my own minnows. The first is with using a minnow trap. These traps are very simple to [...]

Do you need a crappie guide?

There is no black and white answer about if you need a crappie guide or not. Some people love allowing someone else to guide where they will go, what equipment they will use, and so forth. This can be a great option for someone that is new to crappie fishing and for those that travel to various locations for such fishing experiences. However, many people enjoy being able to create their own techniques [...]

Four Crappie Jigs – how and when to use them

When fishing for crappies, jigs is one of the best artificial lures to use. These lures are so versatile that they can be used in most any situation and they seem to always get results. Even if you carry a small tackle box with you when you fish, it’s a good idea to at least have a variety of jigs with you. Some anglers even considered them to be an essential part of crappie fishing gear that [...]

Five Fishing Secrets for Tenessee Crappie

If you enjoy fishing for crappies then Tennessee is an excellent place to be. The crappie fishing in this state is some of the best you’ll find because the water here makes the perfect habitat for this species to thrive. Crappies are part of the sunfish family and they’re also known by a variety of other names such as specks, croppie, slabs, perch and papermouth. They normally travel together [...]

How to go about drop shotting crappie fish

Crappie fishing is not complicated and there are many methods that can be used to catch this species from casting to drift fishing. They’re a small fish with a lot of spirit. Since they are small, anyone, even a beginner can catch this fish without a lot of difficulty but many experienced anglers seek them out because they put up a good fight for their size. This makes hooking and reeling in [...]

Three tips to picking a crappie fishing guide

Fishing is one of the world’s most popular sports and the crappie is one of the most sought out game fish around. Crappie fishing is something that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or skill level. Most people have a favorite fishing spot where they’ve been fishing for years. Perhaps they went fishing with their parents when they were a child or they may have discovered a great place on [...]

How to find information on crappie web sites

There are so many places online where you can find out about crappie websites. As you look around you will find more and more information that you are looking for. Everything about where to fish, tackle and bait, records, what people have problems with and more can be found. You may not be an expert with crappie fishing right now but before you know it that can all change. I suggest keeping a notebook [...]

Three tips to hooking minnow

If you know anything about fishing, you probably know that the most popular bait used by fishermen all over the globe is minnows. This bait is so popular because they’re a natural food source for fish and most species are attracted to them. This is usually one of the first live baits used by anglers along with worms. They’re easy to use and very affordable. You have the option of buying [...]

5 Tips to know before you buy minnows

Minnows are a great type of bait to use for many forms of fishing. Yet if your minnows aren’t healthy then you are going to struggle with being able to really enjoy a day of fishing. Many people assume that buying minnows is the same no matter where you do it or how you do it but that is a common mistake that you want to avoid. These 5 tips should help you to keep things going well for you so [...]

Five things you need to know about white perch habitat

Locating where white perch are is the secret to being able to successfully get plenty of them .They spend time in very large schools so once you find that spot where they are at you have a goldmine. As long as you have time on your hands and the right bait there is no reason why you can’t come out at the end of the day with plenty of them to cook for dinner. White perch are typically found in [...]

4 Grilled Crappie Recipies

Crappies are one of the most sought out species today and there are several reasons for this. They’re a small species so they’re easy to catch and don’t require any type of special gear. They make the perfect species to seek out as a beginner because they are easy enough for a newbie to catch and reel in. Nevertheless, experienced anglers also enjoy going crappie fishing because [...]

Five tactics to use on croppys

Croppys are a popular game fish that’s also known by the names papermouth, crappie, slabs, specks and white perch. The average size is one pound but it’s not uncommon to catch a crappie weighing as much as five pounds. Both the black and the white croppy can be found all over the nation and in most any type of water from lakes and rivers to small ponds. They’re sought out by both [...]

3 Secrets to Catch Huge Crappie

Crappies are a fun and interesting game fish that’s sought out by all types of anglers. They’re a rather small fish so any crappie weighing over three pounds is considered to be huge but some of them can weigh close to five pounds. If you’re seeking out one of these larger fish, there are a few secrets available that can help you become more productive. Catching crappies is fairly [...]

Kentucky crappie – four fishing secrets

Kentucky is famous for its great fishing opportunities and crappies are one of the most sought out species in this state. The fishing here is so good during the spring that thousands of anglers flock to the lakes and rivers to try their hand at reeling in crappies and a variety of other game fish. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is the only time of the year when you can [...]

What you need to know about breeding minnow

Minnows are an amazing little creature that gets lots of attention from anglers all over. This is a small silvery baitfish that is the favorite of many different species of fish. They grow to approximately six inches in length and they can be found most anywhere you live. Most all anglers have fished with minnows at some point, since there are so many species attracted to them. Minnows are very resilient [...]

Buying a crappie fishing boat? What you need to know

Are you thinking about buying a crappie boat but a little overwhelmed by all the options available? If so, you’re not alone. There are many anglers looking to buy a boat that will allow them to extend their fishing experience and take advantage of more fishing. Many anglers feel limited by only fishing from the shoreline and they can’t wait to find the perfect crappie fishing boat to take [...]

How to catch more when crappie fishing

Many people fish for crappies because they are a great tasting fish. When cookedup just right and served with side dishes, crappies can be one of the best tasting fish you’ve ever eaten. The pure white meat has a mellow flavor and it’s firm and tasty. Others fish for crappies just for the fun of it. This is an excellent species to seek out when you’re first learning how to fish. They’re [...]

Best places in Texas for crappie fishing

If you love fishing for crappies, then Texas is the place to be. Texas has a mild environment that’s perfect for fishing all year long. Occasionally a cold winter or extremely hot summer will hinder the fishing experience but most of the time it’s excellent. Anglers travel from all over the nation to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities found here. Crappies can adapt to most [...]

Three Recipes for Filet Crappie Fish

Filet crappie fish are great, and you will find that there are quite a few recipes that allow you to enjoy them to the fullest. Crappie is a popular fish because it has a great texture to it and a really nice flavor. Here are three of my favorite recipes that you may want to try! Feel free to add your own variations to them too. Deep Fried Crappie I enjoy the deep fried version because of the breaded [...]

Five Fishing Secrets for White Perch

White perch are delightful to catch and to enjoy with some wonderful recipes too. They have a sweet taste that many people enjoy, even those that aren’t fond of the taste of other forms of fish. Here are 5 tips that will help you to take home plenty of them from your fishing efforts! Locate them – White perch are found in schools so you won’t be just finding one when you identify [...]
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