Arkansas Crappie Fishing

District 5 is located in the southeast corner of Arkansas. Crappie fishing here is at its best in Lower Lake Chicot, which is probably the only consistent lake for good crappie catch in the entire district. You might try the Connerly Bayou area, where lots of deep brushy tops provide great cover for crappie.

District 6 in south-central Arkansas contains the highly regarded Felsenthal Reservoir, as well as White Oak Lake, where small crappie are unusual, and most anglers take home huge 2- and 3-pound catch.

In District 7, Arkansas crappie fishing is also renowned nationwide. Located in the southwest corner of the state, the largest crappie seem to come from Millwood Lake, a 29,000 acre reservoir with creek channels, drop-offs, and dead timber and brush providing great crappie habitats.

Arkansas crappie fishing in District 8, which encompasses Hot Springs county, includes excellent spring locations like the upper half of Lake Ouachita. A clear lake, crappie are found deeper here than usual, hanging around at about 7-8 feet in water that typically doesn’t exceed 10 feet in depth.

Though District 9, which encompasses many excellent lakes for fishing all around, the best Arkansas crappie fishing in the area could be a small Corps impoundment lake that is little known in general. Blue Mountain Lake has been known to produce 3- to 3 ½-pound crappie, with an abundance of cover, including willows and brushpiles.

In District 10, the general consensus is that Lake Nimrod is the best slab hole. While there are several other area lakes such as Conway and Harris Brake, this 3,550-acre lake typically produces lots of 1- and 2-pound crappie.

Arkansas crappie fishing is arguably some of the best in the country, with so many lakes to choose from and large catch being produced in many of them. Best of all, you could visit almost any lake in the state and enjoy a good day of fishing with an excellent “crop” of crappie.

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