Baits and tips for ice fishing crappie

You can often find crappies suspended just off the bottom of the water but sometimes they can be found in flooded creek channels, large flats and shallow bays in the winter. Using electronics such as the depth finder will help you locate where the crappies are much faster and easier. When ice fishing, you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for the fish. Instead, you want to make the most of your time reeling them in.

In the winter, it’s best to fish in the early morning and late evening but they can be caught all day long. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that you avoid going fishing on bright sunny days especially if the area is covered with snow because the crappie will avoid the bright light and they’ll be harder to find. If fishing at night, use a light to help draw them to you location. Even in the winter the crappie will follow the baitfish to the light.

Safety Issues
Ice fishing is more dangerous than any other type of fishing due to the extremely cold weather and the possibility of dealing with thin ice. Before heading out to do some crappie ice fishing, dress appropriately by wearing layers of lightweight clothing. Technology has made it possible for manufactures to design clothing that provide plenty of warmth while being lightweight enough to move around easily.

Take along extra clothing and a way to call for help if you run into trouble. It’s always best to go fishing with a partner. Let someone on shore know where you will be and when you plan to return. Take along electronics that can help you determine the thickness of the ice before you step out onto it. Falling through thin ice is one of the biggest concerns when ice fishing. Be safe and have a great time reeling in those crappies!

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