Best Crappie Fishing

Kentucky Lake crosses the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, offering some of the best crappie fishing in the country to both states. You’ll find a good number of two-pound specimens in the Blood River or Big Sandy area, especially using live minnow, slow-troll white Beetle Spins, or 2-inch tubes in sparkle. Here, the best crappie fishing is found in the main lake points in early March, with crappie moving into the coves in early April.

Perhaps the best crappie fishing lake in the country according to experts is Grenada Lake in Mississippi, a 36,000-acre lake that is a number one destination for those seeking trophy worthy crappie. With two-pound fish being plentiful and three-pounders in nice supply, this lake produces a limit in no time. Try dropping two-inch tubes in the shallow stumps at the Turkey and Red Grass Creeks, as well as near Graceport Landing.

Especially if you are just beginning to gain interest in the sport, you should head to one of these lakes where you can find some of the best crappie fishing in the country. You’re guaranteed to have some success with such great turnout from these lakes, and you’ll probably find plenty of avid anglers willing to assist you and simply be friendly in giving you pointers.

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