BNM Crappie Poles

Crappies are a small species that are fairly easy to catch but having the right fishing poles can make a difference. This species is part of the sunfish family and they’re size makes them a great choice for the novice angler or for anyone who just wants to fish for fun. When planning a fishing trip with family, this is a great species to seek out. They do put up a good fight for their size so they’re lots of fun to reel in.
There are many different types of crappie fishing poles sold today but they’re not all created equal. There are many things to take into consideration when buying a fishing pole. For starters, you’ll need to consider price. Fishing rods come in a wide variety of prices from the affordable to the very expensive so, you’ll need to set a budget and look for rods that fall in your price range.
Your stature will be a big factor in which one will work the best for you. If you’re short in stature, you don’t want to be struggling with an extra long rod and if you’re a tall person, a short rod would become a little annoying after awhile.
You also need to buy crappie fishing poles based on which technique you plan to use when fishing. Some work better for trolling while others are designed for jigging and so forth. Choose the right one for the job and you’ll have the best results. Another thing to consider is the area in which you’ll be fishing. You’ll need a sturdier type of fishing pole when fishing in rough water than if you plan to fish in calm waters.
In most cases, a medium action-fishing pole will work very well when fishing for crappies. These have just enough bend to absorb the tension that is created when the crappie takes the bait. This helps you set the hook better and it can help you feel when you have a bite.
BNM Crappie Poles for Trolling
When trolling for crappie, one of the best poles you can use is the BNM crappie poles. These are made especially for trolling and they are available in a variety of lengths. Made from 100 percent fiberglass, they’re strong enough to hold up to regular use if you go fishing often. These have ceramic shock ring guides, a fluorescent yellow tip that makes it easier to see when near water and a textured handle for easy grip.
It can also double as a spinning fishing rod for fishing from the banks or a jigging rod because it has an original “snap-on reel seat” that allows you to switch reels around for different techniques. They also have lighter action than some of the older models do so they detect the subtle bit of the crappie better and the tip action improves performance.
Overall, the BNM crappie poles are excellent rods that will help to improve all of your fishing trips. Whichever crappie fishing pole you end up buying, look for good quality ones. Good quality doesn’t mean the most expensive but investing a little more in your fishing rods will usually pay off in the end. They hold up better, perform better and make it easier for you to tell when you get a bite.
A Few Crappie Fishing Tips
After choosing your crappie poles and heading out to the water, you can use the following information to help you reel in more crappies on all of your fishing trips. Crappies can see colors very well so they usually respond well to artificial lures especially jigs. These are so colorful that they get the attention of the crappies faster than some of the other options. Other great lures to use for crappie fishing include small poppers, streamers and spinnerbaits.
When fishing for crappies, you’ll want to use small tackle because this species has a small fragile mouth. They won’t be able to take the bait if you go too big. Number 6 long-shank hooks and light monofilament fishing line are good options when crappie fishing. Don’t go any heavier than this with the fishing line because if you do, the fish can see it and will swim off in the opposite direction. They can also see hooks sticking out of the bait so pay close attention when baiting your hook.
Crappies usually hang out around structures such as stumps, brush, docks, trees and grassy or weedy areas. This species likes to stay as close to the baitfish as they can. In fact, sometimes, they can even be found suspended just underneath the baitfish. They travel in schools so when you find one, you’ll normally find more in the same area.
Using the right tackle and a great fishing rod such as, the BNM crappie pole will greatly increase your odds of reeling in more fish. It can turn a good fishing trip into an excellent one making all of your fishing trips more fun and productive.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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