Correct Spider Rigging

How many poles can I run on a Spider Rig?

Spider rigging is the a method of using multiple poles and on occasion using multiple hooks on each line, resulting in lots of hooks in the water to catch lots of fish, at least in theory.  This, in some areas, is considered an unfair advantage or it enables the angler to take many fish in a very short time frame.  There are many laws and regulations regarding this.  In some areas you are only allowed one pole with one or two hooks but in others you may find that you can have any number of poles as long as there are not more than some number of hooks in the water.  Often times tournaments and local law enforcement will regulate this activity as well

Another thing to consider besides your local laws and regulations is what you can handle safely and effectively.  Do not forget that the action of the boat is reflected in your rig.  Smaller boats will relay the surface action onto the poles and bait.  Larger boats will place the bait in the water at a certain position regardless of surface conditions.  This is what the prize fish are looking for.  Healthy bait fish swim just below the surface of the water and are not affected by minor waves.  If you use too many poles on a small boat you will draw a line of bait that the fish will ignore because it follows the surface waves.  So to answer your question first look to your local laws then use your gut.

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