Crappie Fishing Contest

While some crappie fishing contests require the lake to be completely off limits for fishing outside the hours of competition, others do not. For example, local tournaments such as the Region 1 Local Event at Logan Martin Lake in Alabama may cut off tournament fishing at 3:00pm, holding weigh-in at 4:00pm, but fishing is only prohibited from midnight until 6:30am. This means that anglers who aren’t tired of drifting and trolling can return to the lake for a relaxing evening, continuing to fish until midnight if they so desire.

If you are new to crappie fishing contests, you may want to observe a few prior to entering one. Most entrants have a great deal of experience, and you may want to observe what you are up against in such a situation. Remember, too, that many of these competitive anglers are sponsored, meaning they receive some of the best equipment available for crappie fishing free of charge simply for purpose of advertisement. If you can’t get your hands on equipment of similar quality, you may be at a major disadvantage.

If you want to enter a regional event, you should first enter qualifying local events. While these are smaller crappie fishing contests, they are your ticket to qualification for larger competitions, and they do offer some excellent payouts. For example, the 2007 Wildcard Local Event at Harris Chain Lake in Florida is a two-day qualifying event held in February with a guaranteed payout of $15,000, no small amount. Of course, others have payout based on the number of entrants, so the more the merrier!

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