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Most crappie fishing guides will also provide equipment for their customers’ use – it’s not extremely common for individuals who need guides to have their own equipment because most people with these supplies are more familiar with the lake and go out often on their own. If you have to bring or rent your own equipment, verify that there will be a discount in price because you are not paying for this service.

How do you find crappie fishing guides in your area who can assist you in your first excursions onto the lake you desire to fish? You start by searching either the Internet or telephone book for guides for that specific lake. Often, if you look up that lake’s website under the parks and wildlife service, you’ll find recommendations for the top crappie fishing guides in the area. Also, you can simply ask friends for a recommendation. Most likely, you have a friend who knows someone (and so on) that can give you a name and a number of an excellent guide.

Try to shop around – like most things, hiring crappie fishing guides can range in expense from pocket change to extreme amounts of cash. Try to find someone who doesn’t overcharge for his or her services and is worth what you pay, as well as someone who has trustworthy equipment (meaning you probably don’t want to go with someone whose fees are dirt cheap). Balancing budget with quality is key in making sure you have a fruitful, pleasant experience with your crappie fishing guide.

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