Crappie Fishing in Indiana

Indiana Hot Spots

DOGWOOD LAKE- If you are interested in Black Crappie, Dogwood Lake may be the best place to visit. Unlike the majority of other waters in Indiana, the popular of Black Crappie far outreach the population of White Crappie.

Dogwood Lake’s crappie population is not only healthy where numbers are concerned, there are also some real trophies present. Research has found that Crappie can reach lengths of 12 inches by the age of 4.

Be careful when using a boat on Dogwood Lake. There is a large amount of underwater cover that has a tendency of moving around. There will also be quite a bit of underwater obstacles hiding just below the surface. For this reason, a 10 horsepower motor limit is placed on all boats.

Indiana Fishing Resources

There are several resources available for additional information. One such resource is the Indiana Game & Fish Magazine, which is readily available online and at your local stores and newsstands. If you prefer to subscribe, you can do this online.

Indiana Game & Fish Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers everything from how current weather conditions are effecting fishing, to current fishing hot spots.

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