3 Techniques To Use While Crappie Fishing On Lake Weiss

3.      Another good technique for getting crappie in the winter time is by trolling.  Now this is not your typical trolling method that you would use for Walleye or Northern Pike.  You need to throw out a few lines with jigs on them.  You will also need your depth finder to locate the schools of fish.

They can usually be found in areas that they would be spawning at.  Near the shore and deep channels are the best spots.  Once you have located a school of fish, make sure that you are dropping your jigs above the crappie’s heads.  This is because they prefer to strike up for their meals.   You want to make sure that you have a jig that will be heavy enough to reach the depths that the crappie will be found at.

This is typically more than eight feet so a heavier jig will mostly be required.  If the jigs are not reaching the fish, they will not have a chance to get to them.   When you are trolling for crappie in this manner on Lake Weiss, you want to a lighter test.  You do not want a huge line hanging in front of them to spook them away.

The six pound test has been known to be very effective at this time of the year.  It is heavy enough to reel in some large crappie and yet light enough that they will not see it easily.  While fishing for crappie on Lake Weiss any time of the year is a fun and profitable experience, you will want to take advantage of the lake nearly empty of anglers in the winter time.

There are two basic techniques for fishing for crappie when fishing in the cold water.  Use the bump and trolling techniques if you really want to bring in a lot of fish.

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