Crappie Fishing South Carolina

If you prefer to fish in a less well known area where fewer anglers are present, crappie fishing in South Carolina can be fruitful at Piedmont in Stumpy Pond. Because it is a small fishing lake by comparison to some of these larger destinations, several anglers simply overlook it. However, crappie production here is quite healthy. The lake only extends about three miles, but the impoundment is excellent for crappie fishing, as well as largemouth bass and stripers. Full of trees, you should be careful not to snag the bottom of your boat; however, these provide excellent cover for the crappie, and these fish are frequent reproducers in this impoundment.

Because April is the most popular month for crappie fishing in South Carolina, you may be hard pressed to find a lake that’s not crowded with anglers. However, this shouldn’t produce a problem, as there are unbelievable numbers of lakes containing unreal amounts of large crappie that can satisfy every individual wishing to make such an excursion. If you are unsure of where to begin or have never enjoyed crappie fishing in South Carolina in the past, you may want to hire a guide to take you to the best areas of the lake for a successful trip.

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